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updated 7:22 AM UTC, Apr 10, 2021

International Formation Council (II)

On Tuesday, December 15, from 3.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m., on the Zoom platform, the International Formation Council met - convoked by Br Charles Alphonse and Br Jaime Rey Escapa, to continue the work of applying the Ratio Formationis in the local context of the various Conferences.
Br Charles, after the prayer led by Br Angelo Borghino, representative of CIMCAP, welcomed Br Elie Rahme, the new member of CIF belonging to ASMEN, and asked for a minute's silence in memory of Br Youssef Youssef, former Formation Councillor, who died in recent months due to Covid.

The first intervention was made by Br Damian Pereira, in charge of the Statistics Office, who briefly illustrated the situation of formation in the Order with graphs.
Jaime, who, taking his cue from the data offered by Br Damian, urged the Councillors to develop more and more their responsibility for formation in the whole Order, recalled the importance of collaboration and raised the urgent question of the formation of formators.
Following this, each of the members had a few minutes to share impressions, suggestions and comments on the statistics on formation reality offered by Br Damian and the presentations of the Conferences.

Brother Jaime again intervened to inform everyone that the subject of the next CIF, scheduled for Friday 15 January 2021, will be that of those who left the Order and that, in this regard, a special commission has been set up, chaired by Brother José Ángel Torres Rivera, Vicar General, and composed of four offices of the General Curia (Procuratorate, General Secretariat for Formation, Statistics and Protocol).
Br Charles then welcomed the General Minister, Br Roberto Genuin, who, after inviting the members to join forces and to overcome the barriers of closure and selfishness, also recalled that the Order is totally in agreement with the basic values reflected in the Ratio Formationis; he also urged the reading of his last letter "To the Brothers of Europe", addressed especially to the brothers of the Old Continent but valid for the whole Capuchin world.
Finally, Br Kilian thanked the entire CIF for their presence and closed the meeting with a prayer.

Fra. Mauro Scoccia Ofm Cap
Secretary for CIF