Ordo Fratrum Minorum Capuccinorum 2

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updated 8:13 PM UTC, Feb 7, 2023

Heritage Course (Spanish & Portughese) 2022

10 Capuchin Contemplative Sisters and 15 Capuchin brothers are participating in this year’s Heritage Course. It started on 2nd May 2022 and will go up to 22nd.

They have input sessions on Franciscan Spirituality, Franciscan Anthropology, Franciscan Discernment, Justice, Peace and Ecology, Inner Journey and Integral spiritual optimism.

Br. Leonardo, Br. Sidney Machado, Br. Jaime Rey, Br. Joel de Jesus and Br. Charles Alphonse are part of the animators team.

Brother Leonardo and Sidney accompany them all through the way from Rome to Assisi.


It is a beautiful experience to visit our Franciscan Places that are full of affective memories of Brother Francis and Sister Clare. Along with the visit to these places they are also led to undergo an inner journey, update in Franciscan Sources, and renewal in a Franciscan Affective Way.