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updated 9:17 AM UTC, Jun 12, 2024

PCO VIII – The grace of working... one year later

It’s said that time flies. It’s true … a year has passed since the celebration of PCO VIII, which was truly a moment of grace and an occasion of growth for the whole Order! But it’s also said that Verba volant, scripta manent. So what has happened in your fraternity with the document on the grace of working with that simple title, Proposals? We hope that it has not landed in some forgotten pile or been placed on the shelf in the reading room. We hope rather that this document becomes something to read and to reflect and act upon in the local fraternities and in the Custodies and Provinces. Some have let us know that in some Provinces, Custodies, and local fraternities, an awareness of the Proposals has led to a review of our life that has produced renewal and change in lifestyle. In some other Provinces they have taken up domestic work anew with more participation; in another they are reading the Proposals together for the second time; in another still they are preparing to review them for application. With the hope, therefore, that you can do the same or more, we are offering a collection of material—audio, video, and texts—to help you respond concretely and generously to the gift of the grace of working and to so give praise and witness to the God who has loved us first.

Br. Štefan Kožuh
General Vicar


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