Curia Generalis Ordinis Fratrum Minorum Capuccinorum

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updated 1:30 AM CET, Jan 20, 2018

LXXXV General Chapter Logo Competition

The logo must contain the Latin words "CAPITULUM GENERALE LXXXV OFMCAP". Furthermore, the logo must include the following inscription, also in Latin: “DISCITE A ME… ET INVENIETIS” (Cf. Mt 11: 29).

A Christmas Message of Franciscan Unity from Brazil

São Paulo, Brazil. This past April 10, Pope Francis received at the Vatican the four Franciscan General Ministers, Br. Michael Perry OFM, Br. Mauro Jöhri OFM Cap., Br. Marco Tasca OFM Conv. and Br. Nicholas Edward TOR. It was a…

A New Capuchin Bishop in Japan

Vatican City. Pope Francis, after having accepted the resignation from pastoral governance of the diocese of Naha (Japan) of Most Rev. Berard Toshio Oshikawa OFM Conv., has appointed Br. Wayne Berndt, OFM Cap. as the new Bishop. Br. Wayne is currently pastor in Yonabaru.

General Custody of Nicaragua-Costa Rica-Panama - Elections

CU: Br. Benigno Varela Castro1C: Br. Alex Sánchez Obando2C: Br. Berman Bans Arce3C: Br. Mauricio Monge Rivera4C: Br. Amado Flores Saavedra Date: 13.12.2017Place: Cartago - Costa RicaPresident: Br. Štefan Kožuh, General Vicar
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