Ordo Fratrum Minorum Capuccinorum

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updated 10:09 AM CEST, Oct 21, 2020

Letters from the General Minister

The site www.ofmcap.org as well as being the news platform of the General Curia of the Capuchins, is also a resource because it contains the documents of the Order.

In recent years, we set up all the material in an electronic format, carefully organizing, formatting and arranging it all, and thereby providing on our site the letters of the recent general ministers, our Constitutions and the documents of the Plenary Councils of the Order.

The digital archive (Capuchin Digital Archive) is systematically updated with the recent writings of the current minister Br. Roberto Genuin.

We wish to inform you that, thanks to the Capuchin friars of Australia, we have recently made the letters of General Minister John Corriveau written between 1994-2000 available to the friars in English, the most widespread language in our Order. Until now this material was only available in Italian.

The letters can be found on the site at: https://www.ofmcap.org/en/documenti-ofmcap/lettere-del-ministro-generale/letters-of-the-general-minister-1994-2000
 and they are also available in our digital resource - Capuchin Digital Archive

All this material will soon be available in our OFMCap application, which we are updating with the aforementioned material.

We invite you to use these digital resources to deepen your knowledge of the texts – a great means for living our charism most faithfully.

Capuchin Digital Archive (CDA) - is an initiative for the sharing of a single space on Google Drive where all the documents of the Order are available in a professional digitized version. Thanks to this project, it is possible to download all the documents in the most common formats: Word, PDF, EPUB, and MOBI. The collection currently contains 1,600 files and is always growing. We invite you to use the material available. Just click on the link - Capuchin Digital Archive.

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