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updated 10:09 AM CEST, Oct 21, 2020

The Franciscan Institute of Spirituality

The Franciscan Institute of Spirituality, sponsored since its beginning (1970) by the Capuchin friars, was born from a widespread desire concerning the present renewal in the Franciscan family in the field of theological studies and is imbued in the centre of the faculty of Theology of the Pontifical University Antonianum.

The Institute promotes academic research in the diverse fields of theology, of spirituality, of Franciscanism and of formation in the consecrated life. In addition to the academics, it also offers  scholastic visits to the most significant Franciscan places (Assisi, Umbria, Rieti Valley, La Verna, "Franciscan Rome", etc.). The Institute likewise sponsors days of study and international symposia on themes of spiritual theology and Franciscanism.

With the licentiate (two years) students obtain the necessary preparation for teaching the first cycle of theology. They acquire the instruments for academic research as a prelude to the possibility of doctoral studies. They meet the requirements for taking on professional consultation, for the management and direction of cultural centers and archives; and finally, they acquire the basic tools for formation.

The students of the third cycle, or the doctorate, are obliged to attend seminar-workshops, with the purpose of guiding the students into a selection of a theme for their doctoral texts, and then in working it out. The cycle ends with the presentation and the defense of the thesis.

The masters in Formation in the Consecrated Life prepares the work of the formator in the area of the consecrated life and in the animation of the Christian community. The course of study is geared toward the Franciscan perspective. After the duration of one year, the master’s student is advised on how he might carry out educational responsibilities on many levels: initial formation (novitiate, temporary vows), special formation, ongoing formation. Those who are in possession of one three year degree may apply for this course.

The Diploma for the Specialization in Spirituality and Franciscanism The course lasts one year or two years and is aimed at critically and systematically introducing future companions and animators of ecclesial communities or of life consecrated to the fundamental elements of spirituality and Franciscanism.

A particular characteristic of this program is the ability to customize the study plan according to candidate's specific interests in the context of spirituality and Franciscanism with the accompaniment of a supervisor assigned to the student from the beginning of the course.

The course is intended for students who hold a three year bachelor’s degree or the equivalent.

The Degree in Spirituality (two years), in addition to basic theological instruction, provides a training in the disciplines of Christian, Franciscan and educational-psychology related spirituality. Particularly useful for formators in the consecrated life, it equips them with the skilled insights necessary for maintaining relevant and constantly updated initial formation programs. A secondary school diploma is required.

The variety among the academic offerings allows for the personal organization of sabbatical years or refresher courses useful for maintaining professional competence.

For more information, contact the rector, Br. Luca Bianchi, at his e-mail: [email protected]

Other useful information - http://www.antonianum.eu/it/istituti/istituto_francescano_di_spiritualita

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