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The New Books

The New Books
Autumn 2020

Istituto Storico dei Cappuccini

These are the new books available from the Capuchin Historical Institute in Autumn, 2020.

01 bam16aTITLE: Lodovico Acernese da Pietradefusi (1835-1916), cappuccino e fondatore

Lodovico Acernese da Pietradefusi (1835-1916), cappuccino e fondatore (trans. Lodovico Acernese da Pietradefusi (1835-1916), Capuchin and Founder), edited by Vincenzo Criscuolo and Elsa Orque (Bibliotheca ascetico-mystica, 16). Rome 2020. 260 pgs. ISBN 978-88-99702-19-9

The accounts published in this volume contribute to a better understanding of the life and activity of the founder of the Immacolatine Franciscan Sisters, Capuchin Lodovico Acernese da Pietradefusi (1835-1916). It considers especially the period during which he served as minister of the Capuchin Province of Naples (1885-1888). His literary works and contributions to the formational aspects of the Capuchin Order are also addressed. It contains additional material by Francesco Barra, Gabriele Ingegneri, Felice Accrocca, Vincenzo Criscuolo, Mario Iadanza and Giuseppina Bozzuto.

Source: http://www.istcap.org/component/k2/bam-16.html

02 mhomc41TITLE: Registrum scripturarum della procura generale dell'Ordine Cappuccino, 1703-1709

Registrum scripturarum della procura generale dell'Ordine Cappuccino, 1703-1709 (trans. Registrum Scripturarum of the General Procuratorate of the Capuchin Order, 1703-1709), edited by Giuseppe Avarucci (Monumenta Historica Ordinis Minorum Capuccinorum, 41). Rome 2020, 572 pgs., Ill. ISBN 978-88-99702-18-2

This volume contains documentation from the register of the General Procurator of the Capuchin Order during the years 1703-1709. It is essentially the correspondence between the Congregation of Bishops and Regulars, represented by the secretary (and later Cardinal) Niccolò Grimaldi, and the Capuchin Order, represented by the General Procurator, Bernardino da Saluzzo.

The transcription of the text is accompanied by an extensive use of footnoting and indices that provide ample references for the documentary material.

Source: http://www.istcap.org/component/k2/mhomc-41.html

03 BSC 110TITLE: “Semplice come colomba”: beato Benedetto Passionei da Urbino.

“Semplice come colomba”: beato Benedetto Passionei da Urbino (trans. “Simple as a dove”: blessed Benedetto Passionei of Urbino”). Study conference one hundred and fifty years after his beatification 1867-2017 Fossombrone, 23 September 2017, edited by Aleksander Horowski (Bibliotheca seraphico-capuccina, 110). Rome 2020. 422 pgs. Ill. ISBN 978-88-99702-20-5

This volume is a collection from the proceedings of a 2017 study conference, organized by the Capuchins of the Province of the Marches and by the Capuchin Historical Institute in Rome one hundred and fifty years after the 1867 beatification of Benedetto da Urbino (1560-1625), born Marco Passionei. Among the contributions are the 57 postulatory letters addressed to Pope Pius VI by various ecclesiastical and civil authorities. A precious discovery consists in the edition of a handwritten genealogy of the House of Passionei. The research likewise illustrates the architectural transformations of the church and convent of Fossombrone, where the mortal remains of this Capuchin from Urbino rest (including the plans, drawings and archive photographs). It also addresses the history of the beatification process and its political, social, cultural and religious context, as well as outlining the very first diffusion of the veneration of Benedetto Passionei in Germany and Austria. Finally, some aspects of his iconography are explored.

Source: http://www.istcap.org/component/k2/bsc-110.html

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