Ordo Fratrum Minorum Capuccinorum 2

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updated 11:37 AM UTC, Nov 26, 2022

Easter Greetings 2021

General Curia OFMCap
Rome, Easter 2021

Easter Greetings

Br. Roberto Genuin

General Minister
of the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin

“Let Us Not Lose Hope!”


Dear Brothers,

Pax et Bonum!

Our celebration of the Lord's paschal mysteries is quickly approaching, and it remains for me a wonderful opportunity to share some thoughts with you.

I was recently on a visit to one of our provinces. I went to all the friaries and was surprised to see that many of the fraternities regularly recited a prayer, either at Vespers or at Lauds, for all the brothers in the world dealing with the hardships of COVID: who is infected, who is not infected, who is in contact with people suffering from this situation we all know so well. I found it to be a very beautiful thing.

It is a struggle to travel by air. There are many impediments to getting around the world. It is not difficult, however, for us to fly in unity with one another through our participation in intercessory prayer. It is a very beautiful thing, and I like to speak of it because it made just that impression on me, and it still reminds me that if we want, we can rise higher than we imagine, like in our remembrance of those who suffer.

We are faced today with a peculiar situation with which we are not accustomed; a situation that requires great flexibility, bearing with constant postponements of our commitments, forcing us to find solutions as we've never done before in the past.

Can we rise higher in this situation, too? I believe so! We can live through it very well. The Holy Father continually invites us to hope, and this we must always remember.

How do we cultivate hope, real hope? In these days, as we approach Easter, let us try to imagine and retrace in our minds, in our hearts, the images of the Lord who ascends to Calvary, who laboriously ascends to Calvary, laden with the cross. Let us try to focus again in our life on the raised cross, the tree that is the cross. In essence, we find hope if we manage to penetrate this mystery more and more, because it is the mystery of our salvation. Then the difficulties that surround us will count for little, those struggles we encounter day to day; we'll do our best to look for solutions, but it should never be without hope! Because we do not place our hope in what we do or in the concerns of the world. Hope is already in place - hope is certain! – from the moment Our Lord Jesus Christ entered into our humanity and opened up the possibilities of life for us.

My wish is for each of you to make yourselves strong in this hope, more and more; do not let it escape you! But be sure to focus your eye and direct your attention upon that path that our Lord has marked out for us.

Then we will undoubtedly cope well with the various difficulties that surround us, knowing that there is Another aside from ourselves working for our salvation.

Brothers, a happy Easter to all!

      Br. Roberto Genuin
      General Minister OFMCap

(This text is a transcription of a video message by the General Minister)


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Lettera del Papa

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