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updated 12:17 PM UTC, Jul 23, 2021

Francis, God’s Jester

Francis, God’s Jester
A story for young people by Br. Pacifico
“The King of Verse”
Cardinal Raniero Cantalamessa OFMCap

with a letter of introduction by Pope Francis
to a searching, young friar

“To measure a person's exceptional height, you simply have to put a normal person next to him. Br. Pacifico is a normal man who allows us to measure the gigantic stature of Francis”, says Fr. Raniero presenting the book in a video interview.

Today, only a man of the highest caliber would be able to step into the shoes of a "normal" man to bring out the height of a special man such as St. Francis.

giullareThe book permits any reader of any stature to join the Poverello – led by the hand by Br. Pacifico – to discover the Saint of Assisi as a travel companion for our time, particularly for those who are younger. And it is in this interweaving dynamic between the giant (Francis) and the average man (reader), that a fruitful relationship takes place where the latter can find inspiration and discover how his own normal steps can become a harmony marked by that rhythm which has permeated the Church for 800 years. It is an open meditation, shedding light on the call to holiness, even beyond our immediate reach, where the artistic soul emerges, enriched by music, by singing, by a taste for the beautiful, by joy, by love of creation, imbued with purity and a sense of fraternity. It is a worthy contribution for those who appreciate Franciscan spirituality and seek signs of authenticity and maybe even renewal.

“On that day, a new man was born; no longer Guglielmo da Lisciano, the King of Verse, but Br. Pacifico, a man inhabited by a new peace he had not known previously. From that day, he became entirely God's, consecrated entirely to him, one of the most intimate companions of St. Francis, a witness to the beauty of faith. " (from the preface by Pope Francis)

On that day, a new man was born … enjoy the book!

The book, in Italian, is 160 pages. It can be accessed on this site: www.frateindovino.eu

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