Ordo Fratrum Minorum Capuccinorum

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updated 12:17 PM UTC, Jul 23, 2021

Sentire cum Ecclesia

The Pope’s prayer intentions

MAY: Let us pray that those in charge of finance will work with governments to regulate financial markets and protect citizens from its dangers.

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JUNE: Let us pray for young people who are preparing for marriage with the support of a Christian community: may they grow in love, with generosity, faithfulness and patience.

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Let us not abandon the simple prayers we learned in our families as children that we preserve in our memories and hearts. They are sure ways to access the Father's heart.

For God, you are that little coin that the Lord seeks without pause. He wants to tell you that you are precious and unique in His eyes. No one can take your place in the heart of God.

God does not give up. You are close to His heart, you who do not yet know the beauty of His love, you who have not yet welcomed Jesus as the center of your life, you who cannot overcome your sin.

Being Christian is not first of all a doctrine or a moral ideal; it is a living relationship with the Risen Lord.



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