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updated 4:04 PM UTC, Jul 11, 2024

Our Missionary Vocation, A New Video

Mission must be at the heart of our Order. To stimulate the missionary vocation of the Capuchin friars throughout the world, the GENERAL SECRETARIAT FOR MISSIONARY EVANGELIZATION, COOPERATION AND ANIMATION makes available to all the friars, those in formation and any others who may be interested, some short videos on themes pertinent to the missionary aspect of our life. It would be beneficial to present these materials in meetings, course curriculums, etc., and reflect together on its contents.

Just recently, a new video has been uploaded: Capuchin Missionaries: A Vocation Within a Vocation. The video has been made available in five languages: Italian, English, Portuguese, Spanish and French. It can be found on our YouTube channel or our blog: Evangelizatio et missio OFMCap.

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