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updated 2:39 PM UTC, Jul 16, 2024

Letter of the Minister General

We begin the journey by celebrating in 2023 the centenary of the conception of the Nativity Crib in Greccio and the approval of the Rule; then the reception of the sacred stigmata in 2024; the Canticle of the Creatures in 2025 and the Easter of our Seraphic Father in the year 2026. Our desire, in addition to commemorating these events, is to together celebrate St. Francis of Assisi as a gift to all humanity, and to put our spirituality back at the center of attention. For this reason, the General Minister has decided to offer a letter for each centenary to accompany this journey, along with a working guide to help us make the most of each centenary in our fraternities and in the different ministries we perform.

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