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updated 4:04 PM UTC, Jul 11, 2024

Official website for the Franciscan Centenary

The Franciscan centenary is a journey that we have decided to begin in order for the entire Franciscan family throughout the world to celebrate together the 800th anniversary of Saint Francis' Easter and the culminating events of the last years of his life. Said Centenary has been divided into 4 Centenaries, respectively spread over 4 years where it will be possible to reflect and contemplate the Rule and Christmas in Greccio (1223-2023), the gift of the Stigmata (1224-2024), the Canticle of the Creatures (1225- 2025), the Easter of Francis of Assisi (1226-2026).

For the occasion, the Franciscan Family, through a Commission of Communication Offices, has created the official website

The Centenaries are part of a single thematic project, which will develop gradually and harmoniously following the chronology of the events celebrated. 
The key themes proposed for the celebration of the Centenaries will be considered from multiple perspectives, present in each celebration, which refer to the theological (our being in Christ), anthropological (our being brothers and sisters), ecclesiological (our being in communion) and sociological (our being in the world) dimensions. This web page, commissioned by the Franciscan Family through a Commission of the Communication Offices, is the official site for disseminating reflections, themes, official documents and news that will give us the guidelines for experiencing this great Franciscan event together.

Last modified on Monday, 23 January 2023 15:26