Curia Generalis Ordinis Fratrum Minorum Capuccinorum

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updated 10:02 PM CEST, May 24, 2018

A Week for the New Provincial Ministers

The sixteenth annual meeting of the new provincial ministers and custodes with the General Minister and his Council was held in Frascati from April 8 to 15.

Growing smaller

Growing smaller is the name of the challenge, that Mid- and North European capuchins are facing these years.

Inter-Franciscan Mission Course at Brussels

“Witnessing to the joy of living the gospel in brotherhood is the primary task of Franciscan missionaries,” insisted Br. Mauro Jöhri, General Minister of the Capuchin friars, while addressing the eleven participants of Inter-Franciscan Mission Course in Brussels.

Ratio Formationis Ordinis – Chapter II

Dear Brothers, We are sending you the text of the II chapter of the Ratio formationis and inviting formators in a special way to work together with the brothers in formation in writing up a record of their meetings. We ask the Brother Provincial Ministers…
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