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updated 9:14 AM UTC, Jul 22, 2024

Provincia di California

Provincia di California MP: fr. Joseph Seraphin Dederick VP: fr. Lijoy Jose Chiriyankandath 2C: fr. Victor John Taglianetti 3C: fr. Robert Sewe Onyango 4C: fr. Robert Anthony Barbato Eletti: 03/04/2024 Luogo: Sierra Madre, California, USA Presidente: fr. Celestino Arias, Consigliere Generale

BiCI n. 385

Peace and good! The new BICI, n. 385 - June 2024, has been published. It can be downloaded from the website or viewed directly via the link below. Fraternally, Br. Francisco Castillo OFMCapCommunications Office

Juridical Passage of two Custodies

On May 18, 2024, at the General Curia in Rome, the celebration of the juridical passage of two General Custodies, which became Provincial Custodies, took place. This is the General Custody of Nostra Signora della Speranza of Guatemala-Honduras-El Salvador, which has become a Custody of the Province…
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