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updated 10:13 AM UTC, Nov 29, 2023

Convocation of the National Council of Students – Italy

From Oct. 13-15, the National Council of Post-Novitiate and Student Representatives met at the friary in Viterbo, which is the location of the post-novitiate in Central Italy. Present were friars from Italy, France, Slovakia, Croatia, Belarus and Cape Verde, all in formation in Italy. Br.…

Provincia delle Filippine

Provincia delle Filippine MP: fr. Edgar S. Martinez VP: fr. Eugenio Juanilo Lopez 2C: fr. Antonio Ala II 3C: fr. Joel E. De Jesus 4C: fr. Roque Aristotle Padama Eletti: 09/11/2023 Luogo: Capuchin Retreat Center, Lipa City, Batangas, Philippines Presidente: fr. John Baptist Palliparambil, Consigliere Generale.


Assembly of the Capuchin Conference of Northern and Eastern Europe 

Conferenza dell’Europa Nord ed Est dei Cappuccini (CENEC)

Sono stati eletti nella presenza del Ministro generale, Presidente: fr. Helmut Rakowski (PR Germania) Vicepresidente: fr. Marek Miszczynski (PR Cracovia) Segretario: fr. Harald Weber (PR Germania) Data: 2 - 3 novembre 2023 Luogo: Tenzin (Polonia)

BICI n. 378

Peace and good! The new BICI, n. 378 - November 2023, has been published. It can be downloaded from the website or viewed directly via the link below. Fraternally, Br. Francisco Castillo OFMCapCommunications Office

Provincia del Madagascar

Provincia del Madagascar MP: fr. Lalao Soa Adonis Tsiarify VP: fr. Pierre Arnaud Bienvenu Herinjatovo 2C: fr. Sévérin Lesoko 3C: fr. Abel Rasolonjatovo Andriantantely 4C: fr. Maurice Nogny Eletti: 27/10/2023 Luogo: Couvent St-Laurent de Brindes, Ambohimalaza. Madagascar Presidente: fr. Kilian Ngitir, Consigliere Generale
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