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Ongoing Formation Course in the Holy Land (English)


17th Sep-28th October 2017

Pilgrimage to the Holy Land is source of great joy and experiential for our brothers who go over there.

The English ongoing formation group had 8 Capuchin brothers and Bishop Angelo from Zimbabwe. Although the English group was very small the participants had the touch of fraternal joy, God experience and learning from the land of the Word.

Br. Yunus did a great service to the group by accompanying them for about three weeks by taking them on a archeological and pilgrim journey to the holy places.


His rich experiences through the researches done there and the wisdom gained from the learning made the participants happy and inspired.

The four weeks schedule began with the visit and in the third week there were lectures on Biblical theology by Fr. David, Psalms by Alejandro Conniglio and Fr. Mathew on the Biblical themes.

The last week was dedicated for the Human Growth and Integration Sessions with Br. Charles Alphonse. The participants were able to make an inner journey identifying the unhealed core-issues and got healed through therapeutic meditations, brain gym and other self-care exercises.

Each one was given enough time for personal journey and pray personally choosing a sacred zone of his choice there in Jerusalem.

Br. Joseph Xavier extended a helping hand by being a participant and co-ordinator of the course. Br. Kevin and the fraternity there in Jerusalem bore witness to brotherhood through their generous hospitality.

One of the feedbacks of the participants was that the time went very fast and they longed to stay little more in the land of the Word, especially with the Lord of the History.

Here is a testimony Br. Jeremy

"A note about the last week of the Capuchin renewal pilgrimage to Jerusalem, 2017.

A group of us came to Jerusalem for four weeks on an ongoing formation program. we spent three weeks visiting the holy places, celebrating masses there, praying individually at them as inclined, and attending some in-house lectures on various Bible related subjects. On the programme for the four weeks, the last week was timetabled differently, with no outside visits and with mostly time for reflection. I think most of us thought of this week as a retreat, with Br. Charles coming from Rome to guide us. It was quite different, and surprised me a little. It was actually a great week, where we were led to look at our lives in a positive way and encouraged to identify events that cause problems and negative patterns in our lives, and using simple techniques to free ourselves and replace them with positive patterns.
I have to say that initially I was a bit sceptical. I was wondering were we going to have to start talking in the group about our deepest thoughts, fears and emotional traumas etc. and was inclined to resist what we were doing. However, I write that you may have no fear. There was nothing like that during the week, and still I found it enlightening, helpful and a healing experience