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updated 7:32 PM UTC, Feb 20, 2024

Formators of EACC Rejoice!

Time to update 12 Formators from EACC came together on 3rd to 12th July 2015 at St. Bonaventure University College, Lusaka, Zambia and had renewal programmes that enlivened their heart and spirit to further become effective formators with Franciscan Capuchin Passion.

Context Brothers who participated in it had insight filled experiential sharing, inputs about discernment, accompaniment, Franciscan Spirituality, Franciscan Cosmology and enriching personal growth sessions coupled with inner healing & contemplation in the evenings. They were particularly happy because it is conducted in a Capuchin Context and dealt with our formative reality.

The focus was to give an updated insight about our Franciscan Roots, get help to face the new formative challenging while accompanying the formees and also identify personal core-issues of life so that the go out as healed healers.

Their Wish was that it be availed to all the friars so that they get inspired about our Franciscan Capuchin heritage, get insights about our identity, charism, discernment and have a possibility for personal healing.

Organizers It was organized under the leadership of Br. Norbert Solondrazana, General Councilor for Africa, Br. Wolfgang the President of EACC, Br. Thomas Zulu, the Custos of Zambia & Br. Gaudence the International Councilor for Formation for EACC. Br. Charles Chishimsa the vicar of the Capuchin Fraternity in St. Bonaventure College along with the community members deserve our appreciation for their fraternal service & hospitality.

Formators Gratitude Most of them expressed their gratitude because after so many years they are able to update themselves and get deeper insight about our Franciscan Capuchin Identity and Charism. They had also an opportunity to visit the poor of the locality and experience their love. The healing sessions conducted in the evenings lead them pray meaningfully, helped to identify their core-issues and prepared them to be passionately positive in their formative service for the Order.

The participants:

Br. Domingus Mavida-Cameroon, Br. Eusebio Pedro-Mozambique, Br. Mathewos-Ethiopia, Br. Afewerki Mehreteab-Eritrea, Br. Raphael Mwefu-Zambia, Br. John Nkonkaisha-Zambia, Br. Crispin Longwe-Zambia, Br. Camilus Bajuta-Tanzania, Br. Switbert Massao-Tanzania, Br. Sijo Pallathukudy-Tanzania, Br. Stephen Chipaya-Zimbabwe, Br. Innoncent Todzayi-Zimbabwe.

The animators:

Br. Benedict Ayodi, Br. Kilian Ngitir, Br. Charles Alphonse & Br. Jaime Rey.