Ordo Fratrum Minorum Capuccinorum

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updated 10:49 AM UTC, Aug 10, 2022

Holy Week a favorable time!

Holy Week a favorable time!

Devotional approach:
A devotee may be satisfied by faithfully saying or reading through the prayers found in the breviaries and books which are doubtlessly essential for our daily strength. He may be satisfied with the devout practices and external observances. His spiritual world will give him lots of comfort and fame. There is also a danger that a devotee remains at a distance from the realities of life that God may ask him to commit. In true devotion one receives a deeper call to a commitment.

A thirst to Discipleship
Lent and above all the Holy Week is a time for us to take a time-out to strengthen our inner person with spiritual initiatives. This is a time when we could go closer to Jesus our compassionate and wisdom filled master. Knowing more about the historical Jesus makes one to journey from sheer devotional way of following him to the discipleship which involves informed commitment and selfless witness. It creates a passion and thirst to know more about this Master Jesus who inspires millions to make the difference by working selflessly for a better and safer world. It is a continued search, along with uncertainties and doubts, betrayal and faithfulness, amidst meaning and meaninglessness.


Thus Holy Week is a favorable time for us to contemplate the mystery of God, along our history today (with its painful realities and blessings) and prepare for tomorrow offering its concerns to the Creator God.
A call to go deeper & greater contribution: From devotional approach to discipleship is a deeper call to a committed response. We have an invitation here from Jesus to go beyond and go closer to his vision. And in that a disciple is challenged by the call of Abba who touches one's heart deeply with challenges coming from the realities of life and calls to respond in a new way which may also bring cross and isolation.

Pope Francis' invitation
During this Lent our Pope Francis has sent out his Missionaries of Mercy to witness to the compassionate love of the Father. Addressing us Capuchin brothers gathered at St. Peter's Basilica on 9th February 2016, he said that we have to share the mercy of God generously. He reminded us of our rich Capuchin traditions saying that we are Fathers of Pardon and Mercy. Do we have that thirst & passion that He had...?