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updated 4:57 PM UTC, May 7, 2024

Statistics OFMCap

Statistics reveal truth, so the sages say, but on the other hand they do showcase hard facts as displayed in columns – calculated and measured. The data collected by the General Curia every year are presented in the Analecta. At the same time, makes available basic statistical information, with available downloads for more elaborate presentations of data in PDF files. The current statistics concern the year 2019, and they are updated annually, once all applicable data is collected. We invite you to examine the dynamics of our Order as it is spread across the globe.

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Elementa Statistica

Status die 31 Decembris 2019


Fratres 10 515
Fratres cum votis perpetuis   8 521
Fratres cum votis temporariis   1 612
Novicii      382
Adspirantes      541
Domus   1 564
Laici   3 069
  • Cum votis temporariis   1 605
  • Cum votis perpetuis   1 464
Clerici   7 064
  • Episcopi       85
  • Sacerdotes   6 797
  • Diaconi permanentes       15
  • Diaconi transeuntes     167


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