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updated 3:45 PM CEST, Apr 8, 2020


damianWhy have a statistics office in the General Curia? Its purpose, obviously, is not simply to provide percentages and figures. Rather, statistics provide an overall view of the Order and also help us to answer certain questions, such as: where are we? How many of us are there? Are we growing or decreasing? In other words, statistics help us to be better informed about ourselves, to plan the work we do and to be aware of areas of greater need and greater resources. This is why we always try to present the data clearly.

Statistical information is not reserved to the General Curia. Each year the results are published in Analecta. They are available to all who request the information.

In any case, the work of the statistics office is not limited to preparing the annual statistics.

Information included in the statistics

In addition to preparing the statistics each year – this is explained in more detail later – the Office for Statistics produces the following data on the computer database:

  • Addresses (OFMCap Houses)
  • Telephone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.
  • Subscriptions (Analecta)
  • Information about friars
  • Additionally: lists of major superiors, Capuchin bishops and Conferences of the Order.

The document Manual of Statistics explains how this data is updated.


Br. Damian Pereira (Province of Tamil Nadu)

We can best help one another by improving our communications: precision on our part and a speedy reply on your part are very helpful, not just regarding statistics but for all of us who are at your service in the General Curia.


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