Curia Generalis Ordinis Fratrum Minorum Capuccinorum

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updated 12:46 AM CET, Jan 13, 2018

Così ti consiglio: in qualunque maniera ti sembra meglio di piacere al Signore Dio e di seguire le sue orme e la sua povertà, fatelo con la benedizione del Signore Dio e con la mia obbedienza.

San Francesco, Lettera a Frate Leone

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Welcome to our blog of the Capuchin General Secretariat for Formation (SGF)! We are on a formative journey and we need to update ourselves every day. It is good to reach the heart, mind and vision of Jesus our Master, St. Francis our brother, St. Clare our sister and Franciscan Capuchin brothers around the world. We are glad to invite you to the inspirations in a Franciscan Capuchin way to add meaning, love, joy!

Experiencing Jesus

Ongoing Formation Course in Spanish & Portughese03-28th July 2017 It was a time of experiencing Jesus in the Land of the Word, Archeological Visit, Pilgrimage, Biblical Study, update in theology and personal growth. Nine capuchin brothers along with one Spanish Professor participated in this four…

The Capuchin answer for today – Part I

The Capuchin answer for today – Part IBy Br. Robert Williams Ofm Cap(International Councilor for Formation- NAPCC It has been said many times that an ancient curse states, “May you live in interesting times.” Indeed, we do live in interesting times. The advent of the…
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