Ordo Fratrum Minorum Capuccinorum

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updated 10:14 AM CEST, Aug 15, 2018

General Chapter 2018 Website

We are pleased to announce to the brothers of the Order that the website for the upcoming General Chapter will be launched at…

Logo of the 2018 General Chapter

The design is inspired by Rnb VI, 3-4 (Earlier Rule) "Let no-one be called “prior”, but let everyone be simply called lesser brothers”. Let one wash the feet of the other”.

Towards the 85th General Chapter

In view of the 85th General Chapter that will be celebrated from the 26th of August until 16th of September 2018 at the San Lorenzo da Brindisi International College...

LXXXV General Chapter Logo Competition

The logo must contain the Latin words "CAPITULUM GENERALE LXXXV OFMCAP". Furthermore, the logo must include the following inscription, also in Latin: “DISCITE A ME… ET INVENIETIS” (Cf. Mt 11: 29).

Convocation of the LXXXV General Chapter, 2018

With this letter, after having received the consent of the General Council, in conformity with what is provided by our Constitutions (n. 124, 2) and by article 47 of the Ordo Capituli Generalis Celebrandi (OCGC), I announce officially the General…
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