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updated 11:01 AM UTC, Apr 15, 2024

Così ti consiglio: in qualunque maniera ti sembra meglio di piacere al Signore Dio e di seguire le sue orme e la sua povertà, fatelo con la benedizione del Signore Dio e con la mia obbedienza.

San Francesco, Lettera a Frate Leone

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Welcome to our blog of the Capuchin General Secretariat for Formation (SGF)! We are on a formative journey and we need to update ourselves every day. It is good to reach the heart, mind and vision of Jesus our Master, St. Francis our brother, St. Clare our sister and Franciscan Capuchin brothers around the world. We are glad to invite you to the inspirations in a Franciscan Capuchin way to add meaning, love, joy!

Homily for the First Sunday of Lent, 2023

I bring with me some convictions or prejudices that shape my approach to Lent.            First of all, as someone once observed: “If something is bad psychology, it’s also bad spirituality.” For example, it’s often said about parents but I believe it’s true for us…

La Quaresima 2023

Porto con me alcune convinzioni o pregiudizi che influenzano il mio approccio alla Quaresima.                Prima di tutto, qualcuno ha osservato: “Se qualcosa è psicologia dannosa, è anche spiritualità dannosa.” Per esempio, si dice spesso dei genitori ma credo che valga anche per tutti noi:…

Presentation of the Lord in the Temple

The Feast of the Presentation of the Lord in the Temple has also become the Feast of Consecrated Life, because today consecration to God is fulfilled in the consecration of Christ. Consecrated life makes visible, the consecration to God that is that of every baptised…

I am the handmaid of the Lord

  In the sixth month... so begins the biblical page presented by the liturgy, describing the Angel's announcement to Mary. In the sixth month, that is, in the flow of events, one of them, concatenated with all the others that precede it, makes the difference:…

Gazing closely

In St Peter's Square, in Rome, a large 'Christmas tree' is erected in December, and a Nativity scene is set up, which always arouses appreciation and also criticism, which we will leave out here; likewise, many smaller Nativity scenes are set up under the colonnade…
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