Ordo Fratrum Minorum Capuccinorum 2

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updated 8:43 AM UTC, Dec 7, 2022

“Capuchin Family Day”

On July 3rd of each year, we celebrate the Capuchin’s Family Day marking the date of ecclesial approval of the 1528 Papal Bull “Religionis Zelus”. On this day we remember our origins as the Capuchin “proper” on the great Franciscan tree, and we also remember that we are an extended family in the spiritual bond that unites us to the hundred Institutes of Consecrated Life, all part of the same historical line marked by fidelity and renewal. 

The Sixth Annual Gathering: “As a spiritual family: celebrating holiness, practicing synodality and preparing for the centenary.”This year 2022, we’ve been gifted with the canonization of two great foundresses: St. Maria Francisca de Jesús Rubatto and St. María de Jesús Santocanale. Through them, we want to celebrate together our call to holiness as gifts to one another as we go about our daily labors. In the same way, we are undergoing the process of consultation and participation at the ecclesial level in view of the Synod on Synodality. We have the richness of our Franciscan and Capuchin traditions to help us bring about this dimension within the Church. As Franciscans, we are also committed to planning and animating centenary anniversaries of Saint Francis (2023-2026) that will take place in the coming years, and we also want to use it as an opportunity for formation and renewal.

Purpose of the Conference:

For these reasons, around July 3rd, or perhaps at a more convenient date in that proximity, we will meet at different levels (local, provincial, general) to:

- Thank God by way of common prayer or a Eucharistic celebration for the gifts we have received at the hands of our spiritual family and to commemorate our founders.

- Fraternal sharing through dialogue, emphasizing our identity as brothers and sisters and articulating our current state of affairs.

- Plan a few simple steps to enhance our relationships, proposing collaborations or sharing information about our endeavors.

Every religious house, every fraternity, every specific location is a space where we can bring life to this simple initiative of keeping alive the gift of our common family. We will adapt to whatever circumstances we encounter, even if that means looking for a more suitable date if necessary, but will remain attuned to a standard regularity of communion and mutual exchange.  If you want to know more about the day, please download the material below.


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