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updated 10:09 AM CEST, Oct 21, 2020

Franciscan Saints

Our Franciscan history from the beginning has been marked by the presence of friars and nuns in the order. Almost at the same time the community formed around St. Francis, the community of nuns was formed around St. Clare. For this very reason, today we can take advantage not only of the writings of our holy founder but also of the spiritual richness of Clare and her followers. Over the centuries, Our Lord has given us many Franciscan saints who, belonging either to the Second or Third Order, have characterized the history of our spirituality both by their lives and by their writings.

Today, it is fitting to mention among them St. Veronica Giuliani, St. Angela of Foligno and St. Margaret of Cortona. We do this as an invitation for you to make a virtual pilgrimage, visiting those places that still preserve the bodies of the Franciscan saints today. This invitation, in addition to providing (especially to those far from Italy) an opportunity to visit them, also aims to encourage you to read the writings of the saints. The Diary of St. Veronica Giuliani, a stigmatized Capuchin Poor Clare, the Book of the Life of St. Angela, mystical and tertiary Franciscan, and the Life of St. Margaret of Cortona, also a tertiary, remain fine examples until this day, and can also serve to inspire others who like to take up such kinds of books.

Now we invite you to take a trip to central Italy to see the photo galleries of the places mentioned and the video of Citta di Castello.

The high-quality photos, for use by the friars for printed publications or internet sites, can be found in our Capuchin Creative Commons resource in the folder of Franciscan places.

Virtual pilgrimage to:

St. Veronica Giuliani – City of Castello

St. Angela of Foligno

St. Margaret of Cortona

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